Decor group was built on the highest quality standards in 'the industry’. Conceived way back in 1990, decor Brass Hardware enjoys a highly reputed position in premium hardware segment. Carrying the culture forward, the group launched Brass Bathroom Accessories in 2010.

As the brand name "DECOR", is synonyms to the furnishing and decoration of Home & In institutions. The brand itself is made and finished with such technology that it will illuminate the beauty of applied Bath Accessories & Hardware.

Decor Brass India Pvt. Ltd., which fulfills your complete BRASS - Bathroom Accessory needs. It has a wide range in its products (15 series); Olay, Picasso, Kaya, Sharlo, Cartier, Walter, Tangent, Senator, Estella and Alessi, to name a few. These products are made with the most maniac and skilled people. Decor Bath Accessories will illuminate the beauty and aura of your bathroom.

"Decor" bathroom accessories are available in brass bodies. We believe that the accessories are most important pieces adding a value to "Your Bathroom". Decor Bath Products are combination of innovation and style. Our qualified and experienced designer's team put in their best efforts.

On designers & your demand, Decor have launched Premium Series of Mortises & Pulls.


Decor Bath offers a wide range of Bathroom Accessories that match with all bathroom types and designs, these accessories are selected with great consideration to the raw material and the manufacturing process, all our accessories are professionally manufactured and plated with best Wicket and Chrome materials that provide a good resistance to corrosion and water effects.


All our Bathroom Accessories are available in Brass bodies. We believe that the accessories are the most important pieces adding a value to your bathroom. Decor Bath products are combination of innovation and style. Our highly qualified and experienced designer's team put their best efforts to make 'You Feel' - in a Great place, 'Your Bathroom'.


Treating surfaces at Decor Bath is handled by the most maniac people. The word 'Compromise' is changed with 'Perfection' in our dictionary. Carefully polished surfaces are covered with metallic layers through Nickel, Copper & Chrome electroplating of German Technology.

In 2017, we introduced our in-house PVD plant to cater the demand for PVD coated brass accessories. PVD Coating on fine polished surface increases the durability of the material and provides long-lasting finish for the surface.


Besides passing through inspection at every level of process, every piece finally assembled, is passed through checking for every aspects and cleared for final packaging.

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